Hi, I'm Yuval Ebenstein and Since August 2011 I have been leading the NanoBioPhotonics research group in Tel-Aviv university. We explore some exciting biological systems utilizing tools and reagents from the realm of nano-technology. We try learning new things about these systems by zooming in on individuals - single cells, single chromosomes and single molecules.
Research in the lab is highly multi and inter disciplinary and our team is composed of chemists, biologists and physicists who are interested in learning from each other and doing some great (but sometimes risky...) stuff at the very forefront of science. I'll try updating news here as well but....
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lighting up individual DNA damage sites by in-vitro repair synthesis

Our work on direct visualization of DNA damage was just accepted to JACS

We repair extracted genomic DNA in a tube containing a cocktail of repair enzymmes and fluorescent nucleotides. Damaged DNA lights up as it is repaired and is visualized as fluorescent spots along the DNA molecules.

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